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Dear Customer,
The Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) is the latest pricing model for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform subscriptions. NCE is applicable globally and was designed to reduce complexity in billing processes and provide cost savings for longer term subscriptions.

NCE will change how you purchase Microsoft services such as Microsoft 365. Through NCE you will have the option of either an annual or monthly subscription, and these prices will differ from previous subscriptions. We will be communicating the applicable pricing options with you separately.

The purpose of this communication is to explain the important key options available to you when you purchase a Microsoft licence.

Once you have read this document and fully understood the options, you will be able to select the most appropriate option that suits your business requirements.

Before you purchase a license, we ask that you acknowledge below that you fully understand the options and the contractual commitment you are undertaking when ordering Microsoft licences through 3C Technology and that you also agree to abide by those conditions of purchase.

As your nominated Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, 3C Technology are committed to assist you with guidance or any questions you may have regarding your Microsoft services.

Commitment Terms and Pricing
The minimum commitment term for the licenses are either 1 month, 12 months or 36 months. 1-month commitment term options will be priced at a 20% premium above the price of 12 or 36 month options.

Pricing will be locked only for the duration of the term chosen. Any change in pricing will come into effect at the end of the term.

Payment Terms
License usage will be invoiced by 3C Technology Ltd either monthly, quarterly, or upfront at the start of the 12 month or 36 month term.

Unless you cancel within 72 hours, please note you will be liable to pay the for the licence quantity ordered for the whole of the committed term. Payments will be due under your agreed terms of business or collected via direct debit where available.

Cancellation Policy
You have 3 days (72 hours) after purchasing to cancel a subscription for a pro-rated refund. The 3-day period begins on the same day you that start a subscription, and no refunds will be granted after the 3 -day period. Once a subscription is cancelled, this cannot be reversed. The subscription will immediately enter a "disabled" status where users cannot access services or files, however admins will have to access to data for subscription(s) for 90 days.

You can receive a prorated refund of the initial subscription payment only within the first 72 hours after the order is placed or renewed. After 72 hours of the term, the subscription cannot be cancelled and payment for the remainder of the term must be made.

Changes to Quantities
Within 72 hours of purchase you can reduce the amount of seats, but once this time has elapsed the seat count is locked for the term with only additions allowed. If you make additions during this time, you cannot reverse the changes.

At renewal of the term the 72 hours period for cancellations/seat reductions will come back into effect and you can make any changes. You will be able to schedule these changes in advance to automatically apply at renewal.

Please note that for monthly term subscriptions, the seat count can be increased or decreased at any time, with decreases taking effect the following month.

The table below summarises these choices and the key options to consider when choosing a fixed or flexible term subscription.


Further Help
For any further questions or concerns, please contact the 3C Technology sales team.

Customer Statement of Understanding

*Required information.


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